Vehicle wrapping for commercial advertising is for more than just trucks, vans and other service vehicles; car wrap advertising for your standard work vehicles will help put your company name, information and logo out on the road to reach even more potential customers and clients.


PVG can help you brand your regular work vehicles with commercial car wraps. Each of our car advertising wraps is custom designed for your company to fit the exact make and model of your vehicles. From color choices to font, images and design, the commercial vehicle wrap professionals at Pittsburgh Vinyl Graphics will work with you to create an eye-catching custom car wrap. After the designing and printing, your wraps will be installed by our professionals that have earned years of experience in the car wrapping industry and can ensure that you will receive a high quality Vinyl Car Wrap that will last for years and look amazing on every company vehicle.


Aside from the simple fact that a custom wrapped car looks unique and stands out, commercial vehicle graphics are an outstanding way to advertise for any type of company. Studies have shown that wrapped commercial cars can be seen by up to 70,000 people in one day, and the more vehicles your company has out on the road, even more people will see and become familiar with your brand and image. With the Pittsburgh Vinyl Graphics professional car wrap design team, we can provide the easiest and most effective way to transform your plain company cars into an attractive, unique way to reach thousands of new customers everywhere you go.


From radio and television commercials to billboards and online ads, advertising can be very expensive for any company, big or small. With new technology consumers have more control over what advertisements they want to see and can skip right through or ignore these traditional ads; but withPittsburgh Vinyl Graphicswe can help your company with car wrap advertising – the new and unique advertising platform. With such high numbers of people seeing wrapped vehicles each day and the one-time expense of vinyl vehicle wrapping, the car wrap cost is by far a great return on investment for advertising.

If you have one company vehicle or entire fleet, PVG can design and install your commercial car wraps so you can start reaching out to new customers every time you pull onto the road. As we are fond of saying, if you can drive it, we can wrap it! We proudly offer our services to major cities across the United States, including Philadelphia, New York City, Connecticut, Baltimore, Cleveland, Elkhart and South Bend.

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