Do you want your car to shine, literally? Metallic and chrome car wraps from Pittsburgh Vinyl Graphics can give any vehicle a mirror-like finish that turns heads wherever you go. Why paint your car with a finish that doesn’t do what it promises? A custom metallic or chrome car wrap created by our designers creates an unbeatable gloss, especially when combined with our special high-quality films.

Our installers use 3M™ metallic vinyl car wrap on your car and you have the voice of over a dozen different colors, including blue, silver, titanium and even a gloss black that makes your vehicle slide through the night beautifully. There’s also the traditional chrome car wrap, turning your car into a perfectly reflective surface, sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it on the road.

Chrome and metallic car wraps do more than just turn your car into a piece of art; they also protect the original paint job, reducing its exposure to the sun as well as minimizing any damage from regular driving. If you want to keep your investment looking great, then talk to our team here at PVG about a metallic car wrap for your vehicle today.

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