You want a wrapped vehicle in time for your event. You call us. You get a wrapped vehicle in time for your event, anywhere in the country.

Yes, we make it just that easy.


Do you have a big event coming up and you want to make sure people notice you? Contact Pittsburgh Vinyl Graphics today about our on-demand vehicle advertising service! With a single phone call, you can have every aspect of your on-location vehicle advertising handled by our team of professional designers and installers, including the rental and delivery of the car, truck or RV you want customized.

We know that when you’re busy coordinating an event and the last thing you need is to spend time talking to four different people about your vehicle advertising needs. That’s exactly why we created this on-demand vehicle advertising service. No matter how subdued or massive you want your message to be, we can make it happen with no hassles or headaches.


We work with an extensive network of vehicle providers across the country. This includes 5 Star Certified RV rental agencies that are known for their superior service and attention to detail. If it’s on the map, we can deliver a fully-wrapped RV to it. RV wraps make a big impact and they’re one of the single best ways to make sure everyone notices you, even at the events like conventions and concerts.

Want to get started? Call us at 412-226-5003.

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