If you want to create a unique, luxurious look and feel for your ride that’s eye-catching without being garish, you should talk to the team at PVG about our selection of satin and matte car wraps. While you’ve probably seen dozens matte black car wraps on the streets, our extensive palette of colors and specialty film options mean that you’re able to get the exact look you want for your car. Want to have a matte white vinyl wrap with minimal decoration? We can do that. Want a hot pink matte car wrap that will have everyone talking? It’s just as easy.

Our team of professional installers can take a matte black car wrap and complement it with accents and touches that elevate your vehicle from good-looking to great. You can also apply matte and satin wraps as accents on your existing vehicle while keeping your car’s original paint job visible. A satin white vinyl wrap on a darkly-colored vehicle can transform your car with a minimal expense.

As with all of our installations, Pittsburgh Vinyl Graphics uses 3M™ matte and satin vinyl to make your vehicle look its absolute best.

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